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Hi, I'm Serena

My name is Serena Tizzi and I’m a professional, fully trained and qualified Vodder lymphatic drainage specialist (MLD - CDT Complex Decongestive Therapy).

I have a background in holistic and cancer massage with over 10 years of direct experience in helping clients feel de-stressed and relaxed within their own bodies.

I became interested in the lymphatic system after I was diagnosed 5 years ago with cancer and as a result I have developed post-thrombotic syndrome which I still live with.

During my illness I have realised how little information, support and awareness of the lymphatic system there was even within the medical profession and I have decided to specialise in this type of treatment to help anyone having issues with their lymphatic system, being in the acute or chronic phase.

My interest in Manual Lymphatic Drainage further deepened after witnessing the remarkable effects that this gentle but powerful technique has had on my clients for many other conditions ranging from post-surgery recovery, auto-immune, respiratory and skin conditions to joint pain  and digestive conditions just to name a few.

My life's mission is to provide an interlude, a place of space and healing.

Warmly, Serena

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  • Scar Therapy Practitioner Course, Restore Therapy LTD, London, April 2024

  • Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery Recovery Treatment, Petra Erving's Aftercare Academy, Online, December 2023 

  • Level 3 in Manual Lymphatic Drainage (Dr. Vodder Method), Cork, Ireland, October 2023

  • Level 2 in Manual Lymphatic Drainage (Dr. Vodder Method), Lymington, February 2023 

  • Level 1 in Manual Lymphatic Drainage (Dr. Vodder Method), Lymington, October 2022

  • Level 4 in Holistic Massage at Bodyology School of Massage (under Massage Training Institute), London, 2014

  • Reiki level 1 and 2 at Reiki Maya, (5th in line from Dr Mikao Usui), London, 2012

  • Hot stone massage at Bodyology School of Massage (Massage Training Institute), London, 2015

  • Seated Massage at On The Spot Training School, Hockley, Essex, 2015

  • Hands free Massage at On The Spot Training School, Hockley, Essex, 2016

  • Indian Champissage at London Centre of Indian Champissage, London, 2016

  • Manual Lymphatic Drainage massage at London School of Massage, London, 2018

  • First Aid course and CPR

  • Cancer massage, Amethyst Trust, Gloucester, 2019

  • MASCED accreditation - Melanoma and Skin cancer early detection, 2019


  • CPD, Treating generalised Anxiety Disorders and Panic Attacks by Mindbody Breakthrough, Oxford, 2018



  • Translator for Prisoners Abroad since 2007.

  • Volunteer massage therapist at The Humming Bird in Bicester, Oxfordshire, giving treatments to cancer patients and their families.

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