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Cancer massage 

One in three peop​le in the UK will receive a cancer diagnosis in their lifetime.

There are so many myths surrounding whether massage is safe whilst undergoing cancer treatment and/or for people who have a previous history of cancer.

In the past clients have only been able to receive massage therapy with a signed referral from their GP.

There has never been any reason behind the exclusion of people with cancer for massage therapy and anyone who has been affected by cancer will know that all of the hospices throughout the UK provide massage therapies to the benefit of the patients. We also know that there is a strong desire when we are ill to be treated as ‘normal’, to be able to choose where, when and what treatments we would like to have and mostly to be able to put on a brave face to our friends and family.

The reality is that complementary massage therapy is perfectly safe if specific adaptations are made. Indeed, many cancer centres and hospitals around the UK now offer massage therapy to patients.

After I had my own cancer experience back in 2018, I decided to extend my training to include cancer massage therapy under the auspices of the Amethyst Trust. I found massage therapy to be extremely beneficial in dealing with my overall stress, anxiety and lack of sleep.

I am delighted to be able to offer the same benefits to those clients living with cancer, safely and effectively.

The aim of massage therapy is to relax you mentally and physically by:

  • Relieving tensions through gentle touch

  • Helps lift your mood

  • Can improve sleep

  • Help you coping with stress, anxiety, headaches and pain through a caring and nurturing touch.

The length of treatment can vary greatly, depending on how a person is feeling on the day, from a few minutes to an hour or longer. The treatment itself can take the form of treating the whole body, or just the face and head, hands or feet, depending on the person’s needs.


At such challenging times in people's lives, it is a wonderful experience to be able to make a small difference giving support and guidance.

If you would like more information about the massage therapies and other services that I offer then please get in touch on 07596451697 or email me

The prices for this kind of treatment are £40 for 30 minutes and £60 for 1 hr but discounts can be discussed depending on income.

I volunteer at The Humming Bird in Bicester giving treatments to cancer patients and their families.

For more information about cancer massage please visit the following websites:





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